Rubén Morral
The Iron Elephant

"El Elefante de Hierro" ("The Iron Elephant") is a project about the immigration from Africa who comes to Barcelona and its surrounding cities. People who come to our neighborhoods to find a better way of life and in most cases are trapped between two completely different worlds: their country of origin and the host country.

Through this project we want to give visibility to this situation to publicize the existence of these new neighbors with whom we can learn from each other.

The project consists of a novel and a streetmap. The novel is about the story of David, a 21-years-old guy who is about to finish the university and it gives him lot of existencial questions about what to do with his life now that his academic life comes to an end. But one regular day, David crosses Lamine's path, a guy of his same age, born in Gambia, who is working in the neighborhood streets with a shopping cart looking metal and cardboard for resale. At this point starts a friendship through which both are able to find themselves, and other worlds completely different. On the other hand, the streetmap, offers to the reader a journey through the streets where the story happens, looking for different milestones that bring out the human character of this reality.

Now you can take a look to a fragment of the novel and the streetmap (both in Spanish):

With this project we review these realities; we make known the real situation of people in order to dispel prejudices and myths that for reasons unrelated to the person, take root in the collective imagination of today's society.

It's not needed catch a plane to travel very far, sometimes you just need to walk down the street and look up from the ground.
One of the wide streets of the industrial estate in the neighborhood of Campoamor in Sabadell (Barcelona) at 15:00 on Wednesday. A Searcher in the distance, walking down the street, pushing his cart under the summer sun to sell the irons and cardboards picked through the day in the factory.
Application of the poster on the street in order to claim the visibility of this social minority and referring to the project. One of the landmarks that talks about Moustapha and the reader could find through the streetmap.
Application of the graffiti with a quote of the characters in the novel in reference to the visibility of this social minority and to the project. One of the landmarks that shows part of the conversation with a Searcher and the reader could find through the streetmap.

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