Rubén Morral

Tarúpido is a spanish word that means something like crazy + stupid (tarado + estúpido). Literally speaking, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, Tarúpido is a person of absurd ideas and not very clever.

This book contains a series of sweet but ghoulish stories, starring by lovable characters like Lucy, Diego or Angelina. Stories with strange endings and a little surrealist, inspired by the stories and drawings of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton.

Due to its publication as a fanzine during the 31 International Comic Fair of Barcelona and XIX Manga Fair of Barcelona in 2013, illustrations and design were thought to be printed only with black ink and, in some cases there was digital edition.

All the drawings, the design and the stories are created by the author.

Now you can take a look to a fragment of the book with one of the stories (in Spanish). The cover size is 15cm x 15cm and the sheet size is 30cm x 15cm:

Tarúpidos Tarúpidos Tarúpidos